Overeaters Rehab – Part 3

Peggy (mom):  When I called the rehab facility and they told me I was going to have to give up caffeine while I was there, I looked down at my TWO cups of coffee (I didn't want to have to walk back to the kitchen for a second cup) and thought this was NOT going... Continue Reading →

Overeaters Rehab – Part 2

Peggy (mom): since everything was falling apart, you might as well throw my marriage into that bucket.  As my husband drove me to the airport for rehab, I was screaming at him about how I wanted a divorce as soon as I got back!  He didn't even know what state the rehab was in or... Continue Reading →

Check me in – overeating REHAB

Peggy (mom):  In 2013 I checked myself into a 6-day rehab for overeaters.  My life was completely out of control.  I was bingeing all the time and the voices wouldn't stop telling me how worthless I was.  It was obvious that I was gaining weight but no one could see how it was happening since I... Continue Reading →

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