Overeaters Rehab – Part 2

Peggy (mom): since everything was falling apart, you might as well throw my marriage into that bucket.  As my husband drove me to the airport for rehab, I was screaming at him about how I wanted a divorce as soon as I got back!  He didn’t even know what state the rehab was in or what it was called.  He clearly didn’t care about me!  I told him so and he responded, “I don’t think you need rehab, I think you just need to make better food choices!”

Instead of choking the living breath out of him, I got out of the car and onto the plane.  I really didn’t know what to expect from rehab.  I was so incredibly miserable.  I didn’t pack very well…I didn’t care.  I just threw in some clothes (the ones that fit so that limited it to a very few), a couple of magazines and didn’t even remember contact solution.  I was barely functioning and all I could do was get myself physically on the plane.

After arriving at the facility, I realized there were only 7 of us for this specific week of treatment and some were perfectly normal sized.  Hmmmm, why are they here?  What could they have wrong with them? They are thin, therefore they must have the perfect life!

We were taken to a house…..yes, it looked like a normal home where I sat across from a very large (400+lb), young especially annoying young woman I’ll call Jessica.  We were waiting to be checked in so there was some lag time before the formal welcome.  I had flown there on a short flight and hadn’t eaten anything on the way there.  I mentioned the fact that I hadn’t eaten and Jessica offered me M&M’s.  Oh my God@!  I just paid thousands of dollars to get cured of overeating and you’re so stupid, you are offering me M&M’s???????  She then proceeded to show photos of herself when she was a “model” to everyone……it was as if she needed validation that she COULD get skinny.  Every word that she said got on my nerves.  She definitely was a trigger for me and I just wanted to get the heck away from her asap.  First things first, room assignments….well the one guy in our group had his own room, you two over there, you two over there and then….yes, only two people left……Jessica and me!  Arrrgggghhhhhh!  No one wanted to room with her but I was the one that was stuck with her.

We had to give up our cell phones, purses, tweezers, mirrors, razors, medicines, etc.  Afterall, this WAS rehab and we were treated just like the alcoholics and drug addicts that were also on the surrounding properties.   We also were told we would not have sugar, flour or caffeine for the six days.  I didn’t care—I didn’t care about anything but I certainly didn’t want to worry about anyone beside myself but then there was…….JESSICA.  Ugh!  The first night we were given our room and there were two twin beds inside that were within 4 feet of each other.  She kept talking and unpacking so I eventually said goodnight but she wouldn’t stop speaking!  I asked her to please stop talking so I could go to sleep and she wouldn’t.  I tossed and turned but she just kept on yapping.  I then turned over and unfortunately, my turn coincided with coming face to face with her bare naked bottom as she bent over her bed to put the sheets on it.  Why wasn’t she wearing underwear?   Why did I have to see that?  Please stop my misery!!!!!  I’m convinced she did this on purpose.  She eventually took a sleeping pill, climbed into bed and as her head hit the pillow, you guessed it, she was knocked out COLD.  Full sleep in 15 seconds or less….and then, the most God awful, horrendous snoring you can ever imagined started……freight train number one coming into the station…….honkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……freight train number two………………honkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…..I thought I was being tortured.  I tried for two to three hours to sleep but it was no use.  I eventually got out of bed and tiptoed into the living room where our “chaperone” was sleeping on the couch.  I told her of my plight and she let me move into another room with four beds in it that I would share with two WONDERFUL women.  I found out the next day that everyone could hear Jessica snoring and they felt sorry for me………now the day was starting and I was going to find out what rehab was going to be about………..to be continued.


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