Why blog about depression and anxiety?

Hi! This is Peggy and Q….we started this blog to share our journey with depression and anxiety. So many things have happened to our family in the last several years that caused us extreme emotional pain and turmoil. We wanted to share our experiences with other women going through similar situations. We’ve gone through middle school/high school stress, new job stress, losing a loved one, battling cancer, sexual orientation, gender identity issues, new young relationships, cutting, etc. What we realized from talking about these issues with each other and other sufferers is that we are not alone and we are no different than MANY others out there.

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Sleep Study – 12 Days Abstinent

Peggy (mom):  Due to some issues with leg swelling, etc., my doctor ordered a sleep study for me to check for sleep apnea among other things.  At first, I was angry because several people assumed I had sleep apnea.  Of course, the addict in me just knew it was because of my excess weight and... Continue Reading →

Heartbreak, Approximately

It's strange, but at some point in time everyone has or is going to feel it.  Doesn't mean you have to be in that whole "star-crossed lovers" relationship to have it happen, I mean it doesn't even have to be a romantic relationship.  But everyone will get their heart broken, and it sucks.  But that's... Continue Reading →

8 days abstinent and this is what greets me!

Peggy (mom):  Even though I can eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING when I'm bingeing and I don't really seem to have a "favorite" food like most people, there is ONE thing I particularly love that is on my "never going to have it again" abstinent list.......homemade chocolate chip cookies...preferably ones with few chips. Now I know from my... Continue Reading →

Crawling Back – OA Meetings

Peggy(mom) :  While taking care of my mom, I fell off the wagon and into a one and a half year relapse.  This meant that instead of following my sugar-free/gluten free very measured meal plan, I was bingeing on anything that wasn't nailed to the floor.  My MO has always been to stifle my emotions... Continue Reading →

Physiologically Abusive Relationships

"Physiological invalidation is one the most lethal  forms of emotional abuse. It kills creativity, confidence, and individuality." Being in an emotionally abusive relationship is one of the most traumatic experience's a person can go through, but that doesn't mean no one's been there or that someone can't receive help. Relationships are strange, different, and much harder than... Continue Reading →

Overeaters Anonymous – Love/Hate

Peggy (mom) : The first time I went to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, I could not begin to understand how they were going to help me.  First of all, I wasn't religious...at all.  I was spiritual but organized religion made me angry and uncomfortable.  ALL of the OA meetings I researched seemed to take place in... Continue Reading →

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